How to create individual logins for a clinic account

  1.  Go to your clinic's ACCOUNT PROFILE tab.Ska_rmavbild_2018-08-15_kl._09.30.22.png

  2. Click the USER ADMINISTRATION tab.
    In the USER LIST you can see already registered accounts and add new accounts.

    Please note that it is only the clinic's account owner (with administration rights) that can add and/or delete users.

  3. Click the ADD USER tab.
    Fill out the information for the new user.Ska_rmavbild_2018-08-15_kl._09.31.49.png

  4. The new user will appear in the USER LIST.
    This is also where it is possible to edit and delete existing users.Ska_rmavbild_2018-08-15_kl._09.32.11.png

  5. To EDIT a user you need to be logged in as an administrator.
    To confirm the changes sign with your administrator password.Ska_rmavbild_2018-08-15_kl._13.45.45.png
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