FreeStyle Libre not detected

Please note that if you have a FreeStyle software installed on your computer, it will prevent diasend® Uploader from detecting your FreeStyle Libre. To be able to use diasend® Uploader, you will have to either uninstall the FreeStyle software or to temporarily deactivate it each time you want to upload data from your Libre to diasend®.

To deactivate the FreeStyle software, these are the steps to follow:

1. Open the task manager on your computer by clicking "Ctrl+Alt+Delete" on your keyboard.
2. Go to the tab "Services". You might need to click on "more information" to be able to access that tab.
3. In the list to the left (under "Name"), locate the FreeStyle service. It is usually called "FreeStyle MAS Server" but it may vary.
4. Right click on it and select "Stop".

After doing this, diasend® Uploader should detect your FreeStyle Libre.

To use the FreeStyle software again, please follow the above steps (but this time select "Start" at the last step) or restart your computer.

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