Why do I get an upload/download error?

If you get a red cross in Food Loader while uploading/downloading a food list, please try again, making sure you follow these instructions:

  • Make sure you remove casings and clips prior to upload/download.

  • Make sure the pump screen is illuminated to initiate the upload/download.

  • Make sure the pump is suspended.

  • Verify the position of pump and cable (place the square window at the back of the pump in line with the glass window at the front of the cable, about 2 cm from each other and on a flat surface).

  • Make sure the pump isn’t moved during the upload/download. Note that you don’t need to keep the screen illuminated during the whole upload (it is only necessary in order to get the upload/download started). Once the upload/download has started, please do not silence the alarm.

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