Why do I get the error message: "Unable to reach"?

If you get this message while you have a valid Internet connection, it means Food Loader is being blocked. To troubleshoot this, please open a web browser and surf on the Internet while your Food Loader is up and running.

If your Internet connection is not at fault, it could be: 

  • Your Food Loader is being blocked locally by a program on your computer. Please open your anti-virus programs and make sure Food Loader isn't in the list of blocked programs.
  • You are on a computer with restricted access (typically a work computer). Please contact your administrator.
  • You are on a public Internet connection with limited access. Please try to connect somewhere else or try to use your smartphone as a hotspot.


Firewall ports:

If you need to allow Food Loader through a firewall, please note you need to open the following ports for the corresponding hostnames:

* TCP port 443

* TCP port 443


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