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List of devices that can be uploaded via diasend® Transmitter


Compatible devices - diasend® Transmitter

Make sure you follow the uploading instructions for the specific device. See our Quick Guide:

Quick guide for clinics

Glucose meters:

Insulin pumps:

Abbott – FreeStyle – InsuLinx, Mini, Flash, Freedom, Freedom Lite, Lite, Optium/Xceed/Precision, Optium Neo
Acon Laboratories – On Call Plus, On Call Resolve, On Call Advance, On Call Vivid
AgaMatrix – WaveSense JAZZ
Arkray– Glucocard – 01, Shine, Vital, X-meter, X-mini plus
Arkray– ReliOn – Confirm, Prime
Ascensia (Bayer) – Breeze2, Contour, Contour Link, Contour Next, Contour Next Link, Contour Next Link 2.4, Contour Next One, Contour Next USB, Contour Plus One, Contour TS, Contour USB, Contour XT
Beurer – GL50 evo
B.Braun – Omnitest 5
Bioseven – LineaD ORO
Cambridge Sensors – Microdot+
Diatesse – XPER
Everymed – EveryX3
ForaCare – FORA Diamond Prima, FORA Diamond MINI
GE – GE100
GlucoRx – HCT & Ketone, Nexus, Nexus mini, Nexus Mini Ultra, Nexus Voice, Q
Infopia – Element, Finetest lite, GluNEO, GlucoLab
Inside Biometrics – KEYA Smart
i-SENS – CareSens BGMS/ TEE2, CareSens N, CareSens N POP, alphacheck professional NFC/ ACURA PLUS, alphacheck professional, COOL/Bravo, CareSens N-Voice
LifeScan – OneTouch – Ping, Select, Select Plus, Select Plus Flex, Ultra, Ultra2, UltraEasy/UltraMini, UltraSmart, Verio, Verio (old), Verio Flex, Verio IQ, Verio Pro, VerioSync,Vita
Medcore – GlucoSure Extra, GlucoSure Max, Medcore Care
Menarini – GlucoMen areo, GlucoMen areo 2K, GlucoMen Visio, GlucoMen LX, GlucoMen LX2, GlucoMen LX Plus, GlucoMen Gm, GlucoMen G+, GLUCOCARD MX, GLUCOCARD SM, GLUCOFIX iD, GLUCOFIX miò, GLUCOFIX miò plus, GLUCOFIX Premium, GLUCOFIX TECH, GlucoMen READY
Mendor – Discreet
Nova – Max Link, Max Plus
PalmDoc – PalmDoc I, PalmDoc II
Prodigy – Autocode
Roche – Accu-Chek – Active, Aviva, Aviva Combo, Aviva Connect, Aviva Expert, Aviva Nano, Compact, Compact Plus, Compact Plus GT, Guide, Insight, Instant, Instant S, Performa, Performa Connect, Mobile (IR), Mobile (USB)
Sanofi – BGStar, MyStar Extra
Terumo – Finetouch
Wellion – Linus, Calla Light, Calla Mini, Calla Premium, Calla Dialog
Ypsomed – mylife Unio, mylife Pura

Animas – OneTouch Ping, Vibe, 1200, 2020
Asante – Snap pump
Insulet – OmniPod
Nipro – Amigo
Tandem – t:flex, t:slim, t:slim G4, t:slim X2
Roche – Accu-Chek Spirit, Spirit Combo, Insight
Smiths Medical – Cozmo 1700
SOOIL – DANA Diabecare R
ViCentra – Kaleido
Ypsomed – mylife OmniPod

Insulin pen:

pendiq – pendiq


Abbott – FreeStyle Libre*, FreeStyle Navigator, FreeStyle Navigator II
Dexcom – G5 Mobile, G4 Platinum, Seven Plus
Senseonics – eversense CGM Transmitter (Can no longer be uploaded with diasend Transmitter, only via "Connect app" in the patient's account.


* Currently only available in specific countries outside US

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