How do I upload Animas OneTouch Ping with the Actisys cable?

If you're having a problem uploading the Animas OneTouch Ping using the Actisys cable, please follow the steps below:

  1. Open the software diasend® Uploader on your computer first, and then secondly connect the Actisys cable.

  2. The pump should have all belts/clips removed, and be in 'suspend' mode.
    The cable is best placed on a flat surface (desk, etc).

  3. When the software indicates that the cable is connected, place the infrared eye (on the back of the pump) approximately 1 inch (3 cm) in front of the end of the cable.

  4. Make sure the screen on your pump (with the menu, etc) is 'awake' (illuminated) in the very beginning for the cable to detect the pump. The pump does not need to be lit up during the entire upload- only in the beginning.


If you are still having problems uploading the pump, please read our Quick Guide for further instructions.

Quick guides for Patients

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