Why does the diasend® Transmitter go to error during upload?

If the diasend® Transmitter goes to error (steady red light) when you are trying to upload/transmit a device. Please check the following:

  • Is the device compatible with diasend®?
    -Please have a look at our current compatibility list to see if the device is compatible with diasend®.

    Compatible devices - Transmitter

  • Have you followed the uploading instructions for the specific device?
    - Please follow the instructions in the Quick Guide below:

    Quick guide for clinics

  • Are you using the correct cable?
    - Please make sure you are using the correct cable for the device. Many cables may look very similar, but have completely different properties. Please read the Quick Guide above.

  • There might be a temporary disturbance with the GSM network.
    -Wait a couple of minutes and then try again. If you are having recurring problems with the GSM network, please contact our support.

  • Check if the GSM reception is better in a new location.
    - Try moving the diasend® Transmitter to another location where the GSM reception might be better (e.g. close to a window).

  • The diasend® Transmitter might need to be rebooted.
    - Unplug the unit and then plug it in again.

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