Why doesn't the diasend® Transmitter start uploading?

When the diasend Transmitter starts to transmit/upload a device, the blue indicator/light starts flashing rapidly. If a device is connected and the blue indicator doesn't start flashing rapidly, please check the following:

  • Is the device compatible with diasend®?
    -Please have a look at our current compatibility list to see if the device is compatible with diasend®.

    Compatible devices - Transmitter

  • Have you followed the uploading instructions for the specific device?
    - Please follow the instructions in the Quick Guide below:

    Quick guide for Clinics

  • Are you using the correct cable?
    - Please make sure you are using the correct cable for the device. Many cables may look very similar, but have completely different properties. Please read the Quick Guide above.

  • Is the cable properly connected?
    -Make sure that the cable is properly inserted.

  • Are you using a USB hub?
    -Please check that it's connected to the diasend® Transmitter and also to a power supply.
    -Also try connecting the cable to another USB port. Sometimes the USB ports become damaged over time.

  • Are you trying to transmit/upload two FreeStyle meters directly after one another?
    -After transmitting a FreeStyle meter, you must wait at least 15 seconds before transmitting another FreeStyle meter.

  • The cable might be damaged 
    -Try another identical cable. If that doesn’t work, the meter might be damaged.

  • The glucose meter could be low on battery
    -Try uploading/transmitting another identical meter. If it works, replace the battery. If not, the meter might be damaged. Replace the glucose meters if you have eliminated other possible causes.
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