The upload was successful, but I can't see the data

If the diasend® Transmitter has a steady green light after a device was uploaded, it indicates that the upload was successful. If the data is not showing up in your Clinic account, there are a few likely explanations:

1. The date in the device is or has been wrong

The default time interval is set to show the latest 14 days. If the date in the device is or has been wrong, you can retrieve the data in diasend® by changing the date interval to match the incorrect date setting. Above the tables in the patient account, click on “Select time interval” > “customized period” and select the date interval.

If you find the date in the device to be incorrect, please reset the date and time immediately, in order to avoid new values being tagged with an incorrect time stamp.

Please note that once the data has reached our server, it cannot be modified. If you wish to have it deleted, please submit a request here.


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2. You are looking under the wrong tab

The data is displayed under the five tabs below, where you can access the glucose, CGM and insulin data. Please select the tab corresponding to the type of device you have uploaded.

Please note that Dexcom, FreeStyle Libre and Eversense data will be found under the tab "CGM".


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3. The pump is not selected as the primary pump

If the data that you are missing comes from an insulin pump, then it might be so that this pump is currently not selected as primary pump in the patient's diasend® account. In diasend®, data is shown from only one pump at a time. To review data from a non-primary pump, please:

  • Go to "Patient profile"
  • Under "Insulin pump", tick the circle next to the serial number belonging to the pump from which you would like to see data
  • Scroll down and click on "Save patient information"


4. The serial number of the device has not been saved to the patient account

Go to the tab "Patient profile" and check that the serial number of the device is showing in the corresponding field. If not, please enter the serial number manually and then click on "Save patient information".

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