How to set up a diasend® Personal account

As a patient it is very simple to start using diasend®. It's completely free of charge and as soon as you have registered for an account you can start uploading data from a wide range of glucose meters, CGMs and insulin pumps. All the data will be consolidated into one single report, irrespective of device brand. Thanks to a an easy-to-use, standardized interface, patterns and trends can easily be identified.

Click on one of the links below in order to get started

[English] - How to create a patient account

[Svenska] - Hur du skapar ett patientkonto

[Deutsch] - Patientenkonto erstellen

[Français Canadien] - Comment créer un compte patient

[Dansk] - Sådan opretter du en patientkonto

[Español] - Cómo crear una cuenta de paciente 

[Français] - Comment créer un compte patient 


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