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Compatible devices - diasend® Uploader

Make sure you follow the uploading instructions for the specific device. See our Quick Guide:

Quick guide for patients

Glucose meters:

Insulin pumps:

Abbott – FreeStyle Optium Neo, FreeStyle InsuLinx, FreeStyle Mini, FreeStyle Flash, FreeStyle Freedom, FreeStyle Freedom Lite, FreeStyle Lite, FreeStyle Optium/Xceed/Precision
AgaMatrix – WaveSense JAZZ
Arkray – Glucocard 01, Glucocard Expression, Glucocard Shine, Glucocard Vital, Relion Confirm, Relion Prime
Ascensia (Bayer) – Contour Next USB, Contour USB, Contour, Contour Link, Contour Next, Contour Next Link, Contour Next Link 2.4, Contour Next One, Contour Plus One, Contour TS, Breeze2
B.Braun – Omnitest 5
ForaCare – FORA Diamond Prima
GlucoRx – Nexus, Nexus MINI, Nexus mini ultra, Nexus Voice, Q, 
i-SENS – CareSens N, CareSens N POP, CareSens N Voice, alphacheck professional, COOL/Bravo
LifeScan – OneTouch – Select Plus, Select Plus Flex, Ultra, Ultra2, UltraSmart, UltraMini/UltraEasy, Vita, Verio, Verio (old), Verio Flex, VerioPro, VerioIQ, VerioSync
MedCore – Care
Menarini – GlucoMen areo, GlucoMen areo 2K, GlucoMen LX2, GlucoMen LX Plus, GlucoMen Gm
Prodigy – AutoCode
Roche – Accu-Chek – Active, Aviva, Aviva Combo, Aviva Connect, Aviva Expert, Aviva Nano, Compact, Compact Plus, Guide, Insight, Instant, Mobile (IR), Mobile (USB), Performa Connect
Sanofi – BGStar, MyStar Extra
Wellion – Calla Mini
Ypsomed – mylife Unio, mylife Pura

Animas – OneTouch Ping, Vibe, 1200, 1250, 2020
Asante – Snap
Insulet – OmniPod, OmniPod Dash
Roche - Spirit, Spirit Combo, Accu-Chek Insight
Tandem – t:slim, t:slim G4, t:slim X2 t:flex
ViCentra – Kaleido
Ypsomed – mylife OmniPod


Abbott – FreeStyle Libre*, FreeStyle Navigator II
Dexcom – G5 Mobile, G5 Mobile (Dexcom online), G4 Platinum, Seven Plus
Senseonics – eversense CGM Transmitter


* Currently only available in specific countries outside US

Compatibility notice for windows:

The diasend® Uploader is compatible with Windows 7, 8 and 10, but some devices have their limitations, meaning they will not work with Windows 8 and 10 and consequently not with diasend® Uploader. Below are some considerations that should be made:

You will need a Windows 8/10 compatible IR cable (ACT-IR224UN-Li2 or Accu-Chek - 360° Realtyme) for the following devices:

Glucose meters: Roche - Accu-Chek Aviva, Aviva Combo, Aviva Expert, Compact , Compact Plus, Nano, Mobile (IR)


You will need the Windows 8/10 compatible IR cable (ACT-IR224UN-Li2) for the following devices:

Insulin pumps: Animas - IR 1200, IR 1250, 2020, OneTouch Ping, Vibe

You will need the Windows 8/10 compatible USB cable from LifeScan for the following devices:

Glucose meters: LifeScan - OneTouch Ultra, Ultra2, UltraMini/UltraEasy, UltraSmart, UltraEasy, Vita, Verio (old)

The following meters are currently not compatible with windows 8 or 10:

Glucose meters: LifeScan OneTouch Ping meters with serial numbers _below_ AGHKPxxx

Compatibility notice for macOS:

Please note that all device manufacturers do not offer macOS compatibility. For those devices – diasend® will consequently not work either. For more information about your specific device – please contact the manufacturer's support team.

Here are some considerations that should be made. These are devices that are not compatible with respective operating system:

macOS 10.10 – 10.13:
* Abbott FreeStyle Flash
* Abbott FreeStyle Freedom
* Abbott FreeStyle Freedom Lite
* Abbott FreeStyle Lite
* Abbott FreeStyle Mini
* Abbott Precision Xceed
* Ascensia (Bayer) Contour TS
* Ascensia (Bayer)Contour
* Ascensia (Bayer) Contour Link
* Ascensia (Bayer) Contour XT
* Ascensia (Bayer) Breeze 2
* Some cable and device combinations from i-SENS
* i-Sens alphacheck professional
* Sanofi BGStar
* Sanofi MyStar Extra

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